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While you’re driving, it’s extremely important to keep your eyes on the road instead of down at your phone. But sometimes we get a call or text message that is urgent and need to look away from the roadway for a quick second.

A car holder or mount will also keep your phone elevated so you don’t accidentally hit any buttons on the screen when driving or shifting gears in your vehicle.

Plus if you’re using navigation apps like Waze while driving, this is an easy way to navigate without having to hold your mobile phone by hand.

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  • 15W Qi Car Phone Holder Wireless Charger 1

    15W Qi Car Phone Holder Wireless Charger


    Do you want to charge your phone while you drive? We offer the best Qi car phone holder mount with a fast wireless charger. The charger’s 15W and a max of 10W/5V. You’ll never have your battery die on the road again. Get rid of messy cords, tangled wires, and lost chargers for good with our 15W Qi Car Phone Holder Wireless Charging.

    We know that you’re always on the go, with your phone in your hand. Your time and attention are precious, so we wanted to make sure that you never have to open your mouth to ask for directions again. Just place your phone on our mount and charge it.

    Do you drive your car with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on your phone? When you’re looking for a safe, convenient, and fast way to charge your phone in your car, turn to the Car Phone Holder! This is an excellent product for people who use their phones as their main form of navigation. It doesn’t scratch your car’s interior and it can be used with or without power.

    With a Qi-enabled phone and our holder, you can easily see your navigation app, answer calls, send texts, and more while staying focused on the road ahead. It mounts easily with just a few screws and is smart with dual chips to keep your phone safe and charging.

  • Sale! Arivn Sucker Car Phone Holder Universal 1

    Arivn Sucker Car Phone Holder Universal

    Original price was: $45.99.Current price is: $24.99.

    Who doesn’t have a phone and a car these days? But when you’re driving, your hands are full! Keeping your phone is one of the most important things on your mind. Now, with this Car Phone Holder, you can finally have both hands on the wheel while driving.

    It’s easy to install, and compatible with most cars, e.g pickup trucks, SUVs, trucks, and taxis. It has enough room to hold your phone and also it can be used as a charger. You will be satisfied with it.

    This Phone Holder is made with airliner PTFE material, which can be universally mounted to your dashboard, windshield, or vent to meet your demand at your convenience and requirements.

    The glass-coated surface has a high level of friction, providing good adhesion and avoiding the phone from sliding. With this car phone holder mount, you can easily drive and talk on the phone at the same time.

    Mount your phone for hands-free navigation with this phone holder that securely attaches to your car’s air vent. The long arm design and multiple viewing angles allow you to adjust the device in many ways so you can easily reach the touchscreen while driving.

  • Sale! Car Phone Holder Air Vent Mount For iPhone 1

    Car Phone Holder Air Vent Mount For iPhone

    Original price was: $26.98.Current price is: $15.99.

    Tired of your phone slipping off the car’s holder? With our premium, ergonomic design, you get a secure grip on your phone, and you don’t have to worry about it sliding off again! Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind product today, and say goodbye to the days of looking for a rock to place under your holder.

    Get rid of the need to glue, velcro, or hold your phone while driving. Our car phone holder will securely fit your device and keep it in place with our patented center of gravity lock. Get this and never worry about your phone falling off again.

    This car holder is made of high-quality material, which can provide a firm grip and a stable connection. It is easy to install and remove. The design makes the car phone holder more durable, steady, and upgraded.

    Stop worrying about misplacing your phone. Take advantage of our lock and release feature to keep your phone in place. Do you always use GPS navigation on your smartphone? No worries! The holder arm pivots so you can get the perfect view of the map, without having to stop and adjust the car phone holder with your hands.

  • Sale! Gravity Car Phone Holder Air Vent Clip 2

    Gravity Car Phone Holder Air Vent Clip

    Original price was: $24.67.Current price is: $14.99.

    Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference in your day. You’ve been missing out on that sweet sense of satisfaction you get when your phone is where it should be and you know it’s safe. Your days will be brighter and better when you have a Car Phone Holder.

    Thie phone holder provides better protection of your phone and works with any vent. The fully automatic car phone holder will not let you down, ensuring you never dropped your phone again.

    This gravity-powered car phone holder will save both you and your device from harm. With its strong clip that attaches to any vent, it’s quick and easy to install.

  • Sale! Gravity Car Phone Holder Air Vent Clip 1

    Gravity Car Phone Holder Air Vent Clip

    Original price was: $26.02.Current price is: $15.99.

    The Car Phone Holder is a sleek, beautiful, and very simple way to keep your phone in the car. It is both universal and unisex! It will bring you peace of mind for driving with a device that’s safely secured. With the Phone Holder, you won’t have to worry about your phone slipping out of your grip.

    Be the coolest driver on the road! Keep your phone safely mounted in your car with the Car Phone Holder. Our product is sleek, simple, and has the most secure suction of any holder on the market. It’s also completely phone-friendly, with a strong magnet-free design that will never mess up a call or text. Plus, it’s as easy to use as dropping it down and locking it into place!

    You deserve the most convenient, best hands-free driving experience. The Car Phone Holder is designed for any car & phone, quickly and securely attaching without the worry of your phone dropping. Say goodbye to driver distraction & hello to peace of mind!

    Its strong magnet, stable network connection, and fully automatic gravity linkage guarantee a safe, secure grip on your phone. Buyers will love all its features, such as its drop-down and lock design and lift-up and release function.

  • jeep wranger phone holder

    Jeep Wrangler JK Dashboard Multi-Mount Phone Kit


    The Jeep Wrangler JK Dashboard Multi-Mount Phone Kit provides a secure way to mount your phone on the dashboard for hands-free usage. Inserts install in seconds as you can mount it directly to the center dash recess of the JK Wrangler without any drilling required.Β  Mounting is large enough for most phones like the iPhone 7, 6S, 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

    The kit also includes an ABS Case Storage Box which is perfect for storing a few small items like sunglasses or keys. Made of solid ABS, this Jeep Wrangler cell phone stand will keep your smartphone mounted safely through any terrain you may hit when you and your Jeep take on nature next time.

    This gadget quickly and easily lets you use your phone as a GPS navigator or make calls, without the hassle of taking it out of your pocket every ten seconds.

    You have a phone with an upcoming hurricane. You want to make sure you can get news alerts about the storm in order to best prepare for it or avoid it altogether. Your Jeep Wrangler JK dashboard multi-mount phone kit is your answer. We designed this phone mount holder specifically for reliable access on the go. With 360Β° rotation, a storage box, and ABS construction, this product perfectly fit on Jeep Wrangler JK 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017, and environmentally stable enough to handle rough terrain without breaking a sweat!


  • Sale! magnetic gun holder for car

    Magnetic Gun Mount Holder for Car

    Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $29.99.

    Keep your car safe and secure with the Tactical Gun Magnet Mount Car Gun Holder. This quick-load magnetic holster provides easy accessibility, superior strength, and superior concealment to keep your gun securely in place without compromising your safety.

    magnetic gun holder high quality

    With its superior magnets and maximum weight bearing of up to 50 lbs, our magnetic gun mount firmly holds your pistol in place. Get quick access to your weapon in an emergency situation with this gun holder and stay safe while on the road.

    Our magnet mount fits most flat-top handguns, including full-size, compact, and sub-compact. The holder is securely mounted with powerful magnets and is easy to install.

    With our car gun holder, you can keep your gun at arm’s reach without worrying about it slipping or falling while driving. Get the peace of mind that comes with having quick, easy access to your firearm when you need it most.

    With a fast and secure magnetic mount, you can quickly draw and load your gun in an emergency. Keep your pistol always within reach and be ready to respond to any threat. Enjoy peace of mind while driving with the Quick Load & Draw.

    magnetic gun holder multi usages

    Our scratch-proof magnetic holster makes it super easy to mount anywhere in your vehicle, office, bedroom, or desk. Plus, the high-quality coating helps protect your gun from damage. Never worry about being unprepared again with our reliable and discreet gun holder.

  • Sale! Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount Phone Holder 15W 5

    Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount Phone Holder 15W


    Note It is equipped with a cable, and the cable is separated from the bracket and can be removed. The magnetism is very good. The first batch of products will be tested by the new product factory. Now the production is stable and the quality is guaranteed. Please rest assured, I promise that if there…

  • Sale!

    Mini Cooper Car Wireless Charging Phone Holder

    Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $39.99.

    If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish way to mount your phone in Mini Cooper, this charger holder is the perfect solution. Keep your phone safe and accessible with this mini cooper phone holder.

    Featuring an infrared sensing fast wireless charger. Place the mount on the ideal places for you to charge wirelessly. And it is compatible with F Series of mini cooper car case models.

    This Mini Cooper phone mount holder is what you’ve been waiting for. It features an advanced infrared Sensing induction tech that ensures your phone will never fall or slip off. It will open and close automatically once your phone approaches.

    The Mini Cooper phone holder charger presents a clearer view of the screen and with the help of a 360 degree rotating, you can adjust it to any position on the dashboard. It’s also very easy to mount and unmount.

  • Mini Cooper Mobile Phone Mount Holder


    Create hands-free calling by mounting your cell phone to the dashboard and live on the latest network with this mini Cooper cell phone mount holder. The Mini Cooper Mount firmly secures your mobile phone, angled towards you and never gets in the way of seeing what’s out your driver side window. Your phone won’t go flying during those curvy roads in this Mini CooperΒ  Cell phone Mount Holder.

    This fantastic mount includes a screw in the package, so users can easily mount the holder clips under the board of tachometer without damaging surfaces. The cradle rotatable clamp is capable of 360 degree rotation so you can adjust positioning as needed. Drivers can spend more time chatting than looking at maps while on vacation with family or friends.

    Mini Cooper phone holder works perfectly with the models of F54, F55, F56, F60, Countryman R60, Paceman R61, R55, R56 and R57.

    However, it does not fit Mini Cooper 2021 Models with LCD tachometer.

  • Sale! Multifunction Car Phone Holder Hanging Clip 1

    Multifunction Car Phone Holder Hanging Clip

    Original price was: $23.51.Current price is: $14.99.

    The latest, most popular design is a multifunctional clip that can be installed anywhere and rotates 360 degrees, making it super stable no matter the road conditions. The large, strong vise design makes it easy to install your phone into the holder and locks it in place, saving you a lot of time and effort.

    A new car phone holder with a clamps bracket, which can be installed in the car seat, kitchen, or bedroom, to facilitate your study and work. The multifunctional car phone holder hanging clip is easy to install and use. It is automatically adsorbed in any position.

    Keep your phone close to our car phone holder. Find the perfect position with our rotating clip that attaches to any surface. Use it while driving, cooking, or sitting at a boring meeting. Perfect for hands-free calls and navigating directions. Say goodbye to holding your phone in your hand while driving!

  • Sale! Niye Universal Gravity Car Holder for Phone GPS 1

    Niye Universal Gravity Car Holder for Phone GPS

    Original price was: $21.26.Current price is: $15.99.

    Have you been trying to hold your phone the whole time during your commute? Tired of the vibrations and the phone’s a bit low for your line of sight? Are you looking for a car holder that does not interfere with your car’s central console? This is it!

    Keep your phone handy while driving with the Car Phone Holder. This vent clip is designed to be universal and fit on any air vent. It also supports GPS devices up to 13 inches (or a maximum diagonal of 9 inches). Ideal for driving safety and hands-free calling, the Car Phone Holder is a must-have for every car!

    Say goodbye to hands-free calls and unsafe driving with our car phone holder that stays put on your air vent. Integrated with a 360-degree rotatable design and a one-touch button to release the phone from the holder, it allows you to rotate your phone for navigation or video watching.

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