Capture Incredible Motorcycle Adventures with GoPro MAX: The Ultimate Mounting Guide

Are you an adventure junkie who loves capturing epic moments on your motorcycle? If so, then you know the struggle of finding the perfect mount for your GoPro or action camera.

Look no further, because we have the ultimate guide to cheap and durable mounting options for your next thrilling ride. From the GoPro radius mount to helmet mounts, windshields, and bodywork, we have got you covered.

But that’s not all! We’ll also introduce you to the game-changing GoPro Max with its strong spring clip, 90-degree rotation, and Hypersmooth image stabilization.

So buckle up, because we’re about to take your motorcycle footage to new heights!

gopro max motorcycle mount

The GoPro Max motorcycle mount offers a convenient way to capture footage while riding. There are several options available for mounting the GoPro Max or other action cameras on motorcycles.

One recommended option is the GoPro radius mount, known for its high-quality construction. Alternatively, helmets, windshields, and bodywork can also be used for mounting cameras.

The chin mount from Dango Designs is another popular option. It features a strong spring clip with an integrated mount that can be rotated for different viewing angles.

For durability, the GoPro to 1/4-20 and GoPro to Ram mounts are recommended, as they are CNC machined. The use of accessories like the “Magic Arm with Super Clamp” allows for greater reach and multiple mounting options.

The Ultra Pod II is a small tripod that can be mounted on a tank bag, providing stability for capturing footage. The Gorilla Pod is another versatile option, securely strapping to the bike and featuring a universal joint for adjustable orientation.

A lightweight and extendable selfie stick can also be mounted to a tripod or magic arm. To address concerns about vibration, the GoPro Max’s Hypersmooth image stabilization technology can be relied upon.

Additional creative mounting options are available with the magnetic swivel clip. The Chesty mount is commonly used by riders, while a combination of a Ram arm and Magic Arm can create interesting angles for capturing footage.

For improved stability and footage quality, it is recommended to use a gimbal with the GoPro Max. The iSteady Pro 3 gimbal is a compatible option for GoPro 9 Black users.

The GoPro Max itself offers features such as 360-degree shooting, water resistance, image stabilization, touchscreen interface, and voice control. It is important to properly secure the GoPro Max to ensure stability and prevent accidents.

Additional accessories like camera tethers or grips are suggested for added security.

Key Points:

  • GoPro Max motorcycle mount provides a convenient way to capture footage while riding.
  • Multiple options available for mounting GoPro Max or other action cameras on motorcycles.
  • Recommended options include the GoPro radius mount known for its high-quality construction.
  • Chin mount from Dango Designs features a strong spring clip with an integrated mount.
  • Various tripod options available, such as the Ultra Pod II and Gorilla Pod.
  • Using a gimbal with the GoPro Max is recommended for improved stability and footage quality.


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💡 Pro Tips:

6. Consider using a suction cup mount for a secure attachment to smooth surfaces on your motorcycle, such as the gas tank or fairings.
7. Make sure to tighten all mounting bolts and screws before riding to prevent any vibrations from loosening the mount during your motorcycle journey.
8. Use a tether or lanyard to secure your GoPro Max to your motorcycle mount as an extra precaution in case of any unexpected accidents or bumps.
9. Test the stability of your mounted GoPro Max before hitting the road by shaking your motorcycle or going for a short test ride to ensure it stays in place.
10. Experiment with different mounting positions and angles to capture unique and interesting footage while riding, such as mounting the camera near the exhaust pipe for a dynamic perspective.

Gopro Radius Mount Recommended

The GoPro Max motorcycle mount is a popular choice for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to capture their thrilling adventures on the road. However, there are several cheaper and more durable options available in the market.

One of the highly recommended alternatives is the GoPro Radius Mount. This mount offers better quality and sturdiness compared to the standard GoPro Max mount.

With its robust design and secure attachment system, the Radius Mount ensures stability and prevents any mishaps during your rides.

Other Mounting Options

In addition to the GoPro Max motorcycle mount, there are various other mounting options that can be utilized to record your motorcycle journeys. These include mounting your action camera on helmets, windshields, and bodywork.

Depending on your preference and the angle you want to capture, these alternatives can offer unique perspectives and different views of your rides.

  • Helmets: Mounting the camera on your helmet provides a first-person view, allowing viewers to experience the journey as if they were in the rider’s shoes.
  • Windshields: This mounting option offers a clear and unobstructed view, capturing the road ahead and the rider’s reactions.
  • Bodywork: Mounting the camera on the bodywork of the motorcycle offers a stable and fixed perspective, showcasing the rider’s movements and the bike’s dynamics.

    Chin Mount From Dango Designs

    Another popular option for mounting your GoPro or action camera on your motorcycle is the chin mount from Dango Designs. This mount is specifically designed to attach securely to the chin area of a helmet, providing a stable platform to capture your rides.

    With its adjustable angle and sturdy construction, the chin mount allows for easy customization and ensures that your camera stays in place even during high-speed adventures.

    Strong Spring Clip With Integrated Mount

    For those looking for a versatile and durable mounting option, the strong spring clip with an integrated mount is an excellent choice. This clip is specifically designed for the GoPro Max, offering a secure and steady attachment to your motorcycle.

    The clip can be rotated in 90-degree increments, allowing you to capture various angles and perspectives. Its strong spring ensures that your camera remains firmly in place, even in rough terrains or bumpy roads.

    Gopro To 1/4-20 And Gopro To Ram Mount

    To ensure maximum durability and stability, it is recommended to invest in GoPro to 1/4-20 and GoPro to Ram mounts. These mounts are CNC machined and offer superior strength and longevity.

    The GoPro to 1/4-20 mount allows you to attach your camera to various other mounting systems that utilize the standard 1/4-20 thread size. On the other hand, the GoPro to Ram mount ensures a secure attachment to your motorcycle’s handlebars or any other Ram mount-compatible surface.

    Use Of “Magic Arm, With Suoer Clamp”

    For riders who want more reach and multiple mounting options, the “Magic Arm, with Suoer Clamp” is an excellent accessory to consider. This versatile arm and clamp combination can be easily attached to various parts of your motorcycle, such as handlebars or frames.

    The Magic Arm allows you to position your camera at different angles and orientations, providing a wide range of creative perspectives for your footage. The Suoer Clamp ensures a secure and stable attachment, giving you peace of mind during your rides.


    When it comes to capturing incredible motorcycle adventures with your GoPro Max or any other action camera, having the right mounting options is crucial. Whether you choose the recommended GoPro Radius Mount, explore other alternatives like helmet, windshield, or bodywork mounts, or opt for specialized accessories like the chin mount from Dango Designs or the strong spring clip with an integrated mount, the key is to ensure stability, durability, and safety.

    Additionally, accessories such as the Ultra Pod ii, Gorilla Pod, selfie stick, and gimbals can further enhance your filming experience and help you capture the best footage possible. Remember to always secure your camera properly and consider additional accessories like camera tethers or grips for added security.

    With the GoPro Max’s impressive features such as 360-degree shooting, water resistance, advanced image stabilization, touchscreen interface, and voice control, paired with the right mounting options, you can truly capture and relive your motorcycle adventures in stunning detail and clarity.

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