Unlock the Secrets and Build Your Own LEGO Millennium Falcon Wall Mount!

Are you tired of your prized LEGO Millennium Falcon set collecting dust on a shelf? Wicked Brick has the perfect solution for you – a stunning wall mount designed specifically for the iconic spaceship. Imagine proudly displaying your beloved Falcon, suspended elegantly on your wall, commanding attention from all who enter the room. Crafted with premium materials and featuring an angled design, this bespoke display stand is a masterpiece in itself. Not only will it protect and showcase your LEGO creation, but it also includes an information plaque for that extra touch of authenticity. Fulfill your dreams of becoming a true LEGO master with Wicked Brick’s remarkable wall mount.

lego millennium falcon wall mount

The LEGO Millennium Falcon wall mount is a bespoke display stand offered by Wicked Brick for the LEGO Millennium Falcon sets #75192 and #10179. Made from premium materials, the stands feature a black gloss Perspex base plate and a crystal clear Perspex stem. Angled at a 70 degree angle, the stands save space while showcasing the intricate details of the ship. They come with a 3mm thick crystal clear information plaque with etched icon and set details, which attaches to the display base using magnets. The stands do not include the LEGO sets and can be purchased separately through the LEGO online shop. The products come in kit form and are easy to assemble, and delivery times may vary.

Key Points:

  • Bespoke display stands for LEGO Millennium Falcon sets
  • Made from premium materials
  • Angled at 70 degrees for space-saving and showcasing ship details
  • Includes information plaque with set details
  • Plaque attaches to display base using magnets
  • Stands do not include LEGO sets, can be purchased separately through LEGO online shop


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πŸ’‘ Pro Tips:

1. When mounting your LEGO Millennium Falcon on the wall, make sure to secure the stand properly to ensure it won’t fall off and potentially damage the set.

2. Consider the placement of your wall-mounted Millennium Falcon to showcase it in the best possible way. It could be a great focal point for a room or a conversation starter in a hallway.

3. Take extra care when assembling the stand to avoid any scratches or damage to the LEGO set. Follow the instructions provided and handle the bricks with caution.

4. If you want to personalize your display, you can add custom lighting to enhance the look of the LEGO Millennium Falcon. This can create a stunning effect and make your display stand out even more.

5. Clean the display regularly to keep your LEGO Millennium Falcon looking its best. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dust and fingerprints from the LEGO bricks and the display stand. Avoid using any harsh chemicals that may damage the surface of the LEGO set or the stand.

Premium Materials Used For Lego Millennium Falcon Display Stands

If you take pride in displaying your LEGO sets, then you’ll be delighted to discover Wicked Brick’s extraordinary display stands for the iconic LEGO Millennium Falcon sets #75192 and #10179. These stands are meticulously crafted from premium materials to ensure your beloved starship is showcased in the most stylish and secure way possible.

The foundation of these remarkable stands is a black gloss Perspex base plate. This sleek and glossy finish adds a touch of elegance, beautifully complementing the striking design of the Millennium Falcon. Additionally, the crystal clear Perspex stem provides a stunning and seamless support for your spaceship, elevating it to new heights of grandeur.

Angled Design Saves Space And Highlights Ship Details

One of the most impressive features of Wicked Brick’s LEGO Millennium Falcon display stands is their ingeniously angled design. While most wall mounts take up considerable space, these stands are expertly angled at a 70-degree angle to maximize space efficiency. By gracefully tilting the Millennium Falcon, the stand allows for a captivating display that showcases every intricate detail of this legendary starship.

With the ship positioned at an optimal angle, you’ll be able to marvel at the curved hull, the intricate surface detailing, and even the smallest nooks and crannies of the spacecraft. It’s a visual treat for any LEGO enthusiast and a terrific conversation starter for those lucky enough to visit your display area.

Includes Crystal Clear Information Plaque With Set Details

Wicked Brick understands that an exceptional display stand should not only showcase your LEGO masterpiece but also provide relevant information about the set. That’s why their LEGO Millennium Falcon display stands come complete with a 3mm thick crystal clear information plaque.

The information plaque features etched icons and detailed set information, allowing you to learn more about the specific model and appreciate its significance. With this plaque proudly displayed alongside your Millennium Falcon, you’ll impress friends and family with your vast knowledge of the Star Wars universe’s most legendary starship.

Plaque Attaches To Base With Magnets For Easy Assembly

Assembly and installation of these extraordinary display stands are a breeze, thanks to Wicked Brick’s innovative design. The crystal clear information plaque effortlessly attaches to the display base using high-quality magnets.

This unique magnetic attachment system ensures a secure and stable hold, allowing you to confidently display your LEGO Millennium Falcon without any fear of accidental detachment. The easy assembly process coupled with the solid connection between the base and the plaque make this display stand a hassle-free choice for LEGO enthusiasts of all levels.

Lego Sets Not Included But Can Be Purchased Separately

It’s important to note that Wicked Brick’s LEGO Millennium Falcon display stands do not include the LEGO sets themselves. However, fear not, as these iconic LEGO sets can be easily purchased separately through the official LEGO online shop. Simply visit their website and treat yourself to the cornerstone of any Star Wars fan’s LEGO collection.

Once you’ve acquired the LEGO Millennium Falcon set, make sure to enhance its beauty and value by investing in Wicked Brick’s stunning display stands. With the combination of these incredible LEGO sets and the bespoke stands, your display will become a sight to behold, forever preserved in the annals of LEGO greatness.

Kit Form For Easy Assembly With Varying Delivery Times

To ensure a seamless display experience, Wicked Brick delivers their LEGO Millennium Falcon display stands in convenient kit form. This means that you’ll receive all the necessary components and instructions required to assemble the stands with ease.

While the assembly process is straightforward and user-friendly, delivery times may vary based on your location. However, rest assured that your patience will be rewarded once you hold the final product in your hands and witness the sensational display it creates with your LEGO Millennium Falcon.

In conclusion, Wicked Brick’s bespoke display stands for LEGO Millennium Falcon sets #75192 and #10179 are a true marvel of craftsmanship and design. With a combination of premium materials, an angled design that saves space and highlights ship details, a crystal clear information plaque, and an effortless assembly process, these stands elevate the display of your LEGO Millennium Falcon to unimaginable heights. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock the secrets and build your own LEGO Millennium Falcon wall mount today!

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