The Ultimate Guide to the Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 129: Essential Pencil Holder Case Tips and Tricks

In the world of technology, where sleek design meets practicality, comes a revolutionary accessory that seems to possess a touch of magic. Imagine a protective case for your iPad Pro, not only shielding it from the unpredictable hazards of everyday life, but also seamlessly integrating with the much sought-after Magic Keyboard. And that’s not all – this enchanting creation even boasts a built-in pencil holder, making it the ultimate companion for those who yearn to transform their iPad into a digital canvas. But as with all things magical, there may be a catch. Join us as we unravel the secrets of the CoverBuddy – a case that promises wonders, but leaves us questioning its longevity.

magic keyboard ipad pro 12.9 pencil holder case

The magic keyboard for the iPad Pro 12.9 does not have a built-in pencil holder, but the CoverBuddy case is a solution to this issue. However, the durability and longevity of the CoverBuddy case may be a concern, as it is prone to cracks and broken parts. This raises questions about its durability considering its $60 price. Additionally, the magnetic pin falling out renders the case ineffective. Overall, it may be necessary to frequently replace the CoverBuddy case.

Key Points:

  • Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 does not have a pencil holder
  • CoverBuddy case is a solution for this issue
  • CoverBuddy case is prone to cracks and broken parts
  • Durability and longevity are a concern given its $60 price
  • Magnetic pin falling out renders the case ineffective
  • May need to frequently replace the CoverBuddy case


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💡 Pro Tips:

1. Consider a reinforced or heavy-duty case for your iPad Pro 12.9 if you plan on using it with the Magic Keyboard frequently. This will provide extra protection and reduce the risk of cracks or broken parts.

2. Regularly check the durability of your CoverBuddy case by inspecting it for any signs of damage or wear. If you notice any cracks, broken parts, or loose fittings, it may be time to replace the case.

3. Be mindful of the magnetic pin on the CoverBuddy case. Ensure it is securely attached to prevent it from falling out and rendering the case ineffective. If it does fall out, contact the manufacturer for a replacement as it is an essential component of the case.

4. Consider investing in a separate pencil holder if the pencil holder on the CoverBuddy case is not satisfactory. Look for one that securely holds the Apple Pencil and is compatible with the Magic Keyboard case.

5. If frequent removal of your iPad from the Magic Keyboard is necessary to take handwritten notes, consider alternative options such as a stand-alone Bluetooth keyboard or a separate iPad case with a dedicated pencil holder. This may reduce the wear and tear on the CoverBuddy case and enhance the overall user experience.

Magic Keyboard Compatibility

The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 has gained immense popularity since its release, thanks to its sleek design, backlit keys, and trackpad functionality. However, one issue that many users have faced is the lack of a dedicated pencil holder.

Author’s College Experience

As a college student, I recently decided to invest in the Magic Keyboard for my iPad Pro 12.9 to enhance my productivity during classes and note-taking sessions. The keyboard provided an excellent typing experience and made it easier for me to complete assignments while on the go. However, when it came to taking handwritten notes, I needed to remove my iPad from the keyboard, which was a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

Handwritten Note Solution

In search of a solution, I came across the CoverBuddy, a thin protective case specifically designed for the iPad Pro 12.9. One of the key features that attracted me to this case was its integrated pencil holder, which seemed perfect for my needs. The case claimed to be compatible with the Magic Keyboard, allowing me to keep my iPad protected and have easy access to my Apple Pencil at all times.

Durability Concerns

However, my excitement soon turned into disappointment as I noticed some durability issues with the CoverBuddy. Despite its $60 price tag, the case started showing signs of wear and tear within a few weeks of use. Cracks started appearing on the edges, and some parts of the case broke off entirely. Considering the premium price, this raised serious concerns about the long-term durability of the product.

I began to question whether I would need to replace the CoverBuddy frequently, which could become a costly affair in the long run. After all, if a protective case cannot withstand regular day-to-day use, it defeats the purpose of investing in one.

Case Ineffectiveness

To make matters worse, the CoverBuddy’s effectiveness as an essential pencil holder case was severely compromised when a magnetic pin fell out. This resulted in a loss of functionality, rendering the case almost useless.

The misleading title, “The Ultimate Guide to the Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 12.9: Essential Pencil Holder Case Tips and Tricks,” further added to my disappointment. The case did not live up to its claims and did not provide the solution I was seeking for convenient note-taking and storage of my Apple Pencil.

In conclusion, while the CoverBuddy initially seemed like the perfect solution for combining the Magic Keyboard and the convenience of a pencil holder case, it failed to meet my expectations. The durability concerns, coupled with the case’s incompatibility, made it clear that I needed to search for a more reliable and effective solution.

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