Where should I mount my phone in my car

Where can I Mount my Phone in Car?

Where can I mount my phone in my car? This question is one that many people are asking themselves. You might be surprised to know that there are 10 different places you can mount your phone in your car! In this article, we will discuss the top 3 best places to mount your phone in a car.

Mount your Smartphone on the Windshield

The first and probably most popular spot to mount your phone in a car is on the windshield. You will need some sort of adhesive that can hold up over time on the windshield, but for many people mounting on the windshield has many advantages.

It allows drivers to see their smartphones without having to turn all the way around or stick their heads out of the window every time. They can easily have a glance at what’s happening with emails, texts, social media notifications, etc.

However, mounting on the windshield via a suction cup might not be legal in many states of the USA. You will have to check the laws of your area. It’s a good idea if you don’t want to break any.

Aside from that, mounting on the windshield may cause glare or decrease visibility depending on how high and where you mount it. Therefore, you should take some time to find a spot within the sightline without causing issues in daytime driving conditions. Meanwhile, it should be also out of reach for children or passengers who might use this as leverage for an accidental drop-off.

Mount the Electronic Devices on the Central Dashboard

Is the central dash area the best place to mount your smartphone in your car? It’s within the most sightlines for driver and passenger seating positions in your car, so it does seem very accessible with a quick glance. You won’t be surprised to see many small devices mounted on the central dashboard of the car.

Some people might like to have their smartphone at eye level because they would rather keep all of their attention on the road ahead while driving. However, if you plan to use just GPS navigation software or Google Maps which doesn’t need as much visibility, then the central dashboard is an ideal spot to mount everything.

Mount your Phone on the Air Vent

If you don’t want to mount your cell phone all the time, the air vent is another good location to mount your smartphone in the car.

Mounting on an air vent is the best for the average driver, as you don’t have to mount your phone all the time. You can just mount your smartphone on the air vent to take a phone call or view the GPS occasionally, so it is just for temporary use.

Air vent mounting can also keep the windshield clear, so drivers have better views while driving.

The only problem with air vent mounting is the phone holder might block airflow. Some air vent-mounted holders have a tilt feature to reduce this problem.

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